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Fabio Valente

Professor Miller

VSAR 316

December 6th, 2013

Art Event

            I have a student in one of my classes named Tiago and he had an art piece that was going to be used for a student organized art event during the last week of class and he let me look at his piece to write for about for my art event. The piece is called Sunset: The Welcoming of Night and since I have Tiago in a class I was able to talk to him about his piece. The piece is in a wooden frame and he used plexie glass to paint on. There are a few hills with brown dead grass and patches of green grass with two trees on the hills with some stars at the top. He used spray paint, acrylic and stencil to make it. And there is a switch on the side with a light that comes up in the back. With the light on you really get a sense of depth, especially when looking at it from a distance.

I could see this influencing my own work because I really love art pieces having to do with nature and seeing this started giving me ideas as to what I could do for an art piece. I felt an immense amount of respect for the artist because you could tell he put a lot of work into the piece and fully fleshed out his idea. There is a great attention to detail and I love that it is not just a painting but an installation with lights helping to bring more life to it. I really enjoyed this piece.

Art Event at CSUSM

            One day in September at CSUSM I went to the bottom of the arts building to check out an exhibit that some students had done for a class (this is a separate exhibit from the one with Tiago’s work). The piece I focused on was called Her Discovery because I found it really well done and attention grabbing. In the piece there was a barrel with holes in it and sticks on the top making it cone shaped. When the sun was at a certain angle the holes created an interesting deign, and there was a sticker that said I love you abd tge barrel was in a desolate desert space. The artist took these pictures and made it into a comic strip with a cartoon girl walking among a real landscape. Everything in the pictures are real except for the girl who was added into it. The artist did a great job because although the girl is obviously a cartoon she seems to really be walking in that landscape. The way she interacts with what is around her and even her shadow against the floor seems real. I know the artist and I know that she loves anime so it was great seeing how she was able to inject her love of anime into a different art form. Because of this I really respect the artist for putting photography together with anime.

Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art

            I was in Los Angeles recently and went by the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art and in that area they had a piece that was particularly interesting. It is called Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer and it is a very large boulder resting about a pathway so that you can walk underneath. The piece is extraordinary because where else can you be underneath a boulder? It is quite surreal and scary so walk underneath it because you cant help but get an overwhelming feeling that it will fall. This could very well be something that could influence my artwork because of the overwhelming feeling it gives you. I like that the piece was able to do give me that feeling and if I could express that feeling in my own work that would be fantastic. I have a lot of respect for this artist with the most obvious reason being that he got a giant boulder all the way there (I’m sure with some help). But the big reason is that he had envisioned this and when he put that boulder there he must have had an immense feeling of accomplishment and awe. It makes me think that he went rock climbing or something and at one point was underneath a boulder similar in size and had the same feeling I did when I saw it so he wanted to share that with others.

Concert event write up

            My friend Dillon and his brother Chase are in a band together and recently I went to see them play at a bar and since I enjoy their music so much I decided to write about them. They are also my inspiration for starting guitar, it was because of them that I wanted to learn to play and they have even been teaching a bit here and there. They are a mix of blues and rock and although Chase isn’t the greatest singer his guitar playing is amazing. He practices every day and has been for several years, which shows through his performance. They play some really great songs, some having to do with their past and you can hear in the lyrics that some of it is about their own lives. I have known them since I was 10 so I know about most of the hard times they have been through and it was pretty emotional to hear them sing about it since I knew the history behind what they were singing about. It is a different experience going to watch someone play when you know the band personally because you can connect even more with the song and the performers. A lot of people really enjoy their music, it isn’t just his friends and family that enjoy it but even people in the bar who have never heard them before. I love watching them play because they have and always will be my inspiration for getting into the arts.

Art Event- More than a Fence

            There was recently an art exhibit called More Than a Fence: (de)Constructing Mexico- U.S. Borders at CSUSM. It is an exhibit that explores the symbolic and experienced impact of the Mexico-U.S. Border. What was really great about the exhibit is that they were able to make works of art that really portrayed how they felt about the border. One piece, called La Escalera, seemed to work as a warning of how hard it is to cross the border. It is a makeshift ladder with cactus coming out and it seems to represent the danger of attempting to go over the fence. But the yellow and the fact that it’s a ladder going up seems to represent hope of a better life. This piece along with the others is all very inspiring and I could definitely see it influencing my own work. I like when artists take the expressionist viewpoint when making something and try to convey a message through their work. I felt a lot of respect for this artist because he/she was able to convey a message clearly to the viewing audience and it really captured the spirit of the exhibit.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

            My home town is Los Angeles and a few months ago I went to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. There are a ton of great exhibits but I didn’t have a lot of time so I mostly spend my time in an area called Becoming Los Angeles, which is focuses on the history of LA and how it came to be the way it is. The piece I really enjoyed was a city model of Downtown Los Angeles, which displays how the city looked between 1939 and 1940. I am infatuated with the image of 1940’s Los Angeles because it was just so different in terms of looks and atmosphere. I especially started loving that era of LA because of a video game called LA Noire which took place in 1940’s LA and the game was open world which meant you could freely walk wherever you wanted. The designers of the game built the city as close as they could get to how LA really was at that time so being able to walk through a simulation of the 1940’s LA and then seeing the model was really great. I have a lot of respect for the artist of this model because it looks so detailed and must have taken an enormous amount of time and effect, not just to build the model but also to look through old photos and records to get the exact look of the buildings.

Museum of Contemporary Art La Jolla event write up

            Recently I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla which had some amazing works of art. One in particular stood out to me which was on the second floor. On the second floor there is a big, long window along the wall and at the corner there is a square section cut out of the window so you can see outside. When I saw this it reminded me of the love I have for nature and seeing things with my own eyes. Whenever I am driving I almost always have the windows down so that I can see clearly rather than through the glass. I don’t even like wearing sunglasses because I enjoy the view so much. Whenever I put a pair of sun glasses on my eyes start to hurt a bit, there might be some logical reason as to why this happens but my own reason is that my eyes want to see everything naked, without any glass or sunglasses in front of them. This piece really spoke to me and I sat there for a while staring out that square window leading out to the ocean. I don’t know what the intended purpose of this piece was but these were the reasons it stuck out to me so much, and this is one of the reasons I love art, because it can speak something to me and something totally different to another person.

Oceanside Museum of Art

            A couple weeks ago I attended the Oceanside Museum of Art. There were a lot of great pieces but the one I found myself remembering the most was Small Town by Marek Glaser. The more I looked at it the more I would connect with it, especially after reading the information by the artist next to the piece. It is a picture that was caught from a helicopter and when you first look at it you think it might be fake. It does not seem like a photograph but instead looks like it was done using graphic design or perhaps built using tiny model homes because it looks so surreal, which is why it grabbed right away.

The piece really reminded me of the intro to the show Weeds. The song in the intro is about how all we all are the same because we all did what we were supposed to. Go to school, get a job, have a family, and buy a house. And the show is about a single mom who starts selling marijuana to make money even though she is in an innocent little suburban neighborhood. Weeds shows us how in any one of these perfect little small town homes there could be someone selling illegal drugs to the people we live next to.

I did not find anything wrong with the piece; I enjoyed it very much. I guess something I took away was that sometimes our world looks so surreal that it seems almost fake. I felt an immense amount of respect for the artist because he was able to leave such an impression on me with a simple photograph.

Puppet show at Cerritos College

            I am from Los Angeles and back in I believe October I was visiting a friend and she invited me to go see the puppet show she was doing for her class because she is going to school to be a teacher. The first play was “Oh The Places You’ll Go” which was great, I loved their use of props, specifically the ladder which was used as a makeshift hill to go up and down on. And the background they had was great because it was so animated. The 3 little pigs was well done, it featured the wolf as the victim because he simply wanted to play with the pigs and accidently ruined their homes. It had a great introduction because the actress introducing it was so into it and she also did a great job as the wolf. They also had the kids interact in the play in a great way by having them say the lines and clapping along. There was also a play with a ladybug wanting to fight like a boxer, which was great too, especially the simplicity of the dragon that they brought out because it was made with a green hoodie and some spiked fabric. Overall it was much more entertaining than I anticipated. I had a lot of respect for these students because they found very creative and simple ways to create their props and sets with little to no budget.

San Diego Museum of Art event write up

            Recently I went to the San Diego Museum of Art and very much enjoyed my time there. There were a lot of great works of art but the one that stood out most to me was the Molo from the Bason of San Marco, Venice. This one stood out to me because not only is it so well painted but I also very much love Venice. I love Venice because quite a few years ago I played a video game that took place in 1800’s Venice, and the game was open-world which means I got to freely walk around Venice and I fell in love with the city because of that. Even since then I have wanted to go visit it myself but have not had the chance. When I saw the painting I immediately recognized that section of the city and remember being at that part, while in the game, and in awe of the architecture. I had even more admiration for the city when I saw the painting and how meticulous the painter was in portraying this city. I loved all the little things that the painter included from the dozens of little chimneys and windows to the gondolas riding along the water. I just sat on the bench for a while appreciating the painting and looking over every little bit of it and admiring it.